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Raised in Edinburgh, Jason was schooled from a very young age in the best traditions of Scottish instrumental playing, studying classical violin and fiddle styles under local virtuoso, Edna Arthur, for 10 years from the age of seven. As a teenager he was selected to tour with some of the brightest talents of his generation, and found himself gracing the many famous concert halls of Europe and North America. It was at this time also, that Jason became drawn into the rarefied world of ‘reeling’, a high energy derivative of the generally more sedate popular folk dance. Plunging headlong into this world in pursuit of this newly discovered ambrosia, he spent many years attending the numerous ‘gatherings’ and ‘meetings’ in the western isles and and highlands of Scotland.

It wasn’t long before his talents as a player and dancer were noticed and he was invited to join The Infamous Grouse band. During his long tenure with them, the band developed from humble beginnings as the intervals band at the Skye Gathering, to international touring, Playing extensively around Central Europe, they regularly perform beyond its fringes, touring annually to such exotic lands as Kazakhstan, Romania and Russia. Taking on a managerial role in the band in 2005, at the behest of the British high Commission, Jason led a tour of India culminating in performances in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai. This relationship continues to this day with repeat annual tours at times involving the organising several bands and troupes of display dancers.


As a caller he is considered amongst the best on the current ceilidh scene and is regular with several of the UK’s top ceilidh bands including Licence to Ceilidh. Performing on fiddle and call a ceilidh for Sting at his private birthday party. Other persons of note or infamy depending on your view, to whom he has performed include, Steven Fry, Robert Downey Jnr, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kevin Spacey, Guy Ritchie, Thandie Newton, Saffron Burroughs, Jodie Kidd, Jemima Goldsmith. TV and radio credits include numerous plays on BBC’s Radio1, Radio2 and Radio6, and the major terrestrial TV channels. Including Channel 4, performing with License to Ceilidh for Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix’s to be broadcast in June 2010.

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